Uncovering the Untold Stories of Jerry Lee Lewis’ Marriages: A Comprehensive Guide [With Surprising Statistics and Solutions for Relationship Struggles]

Uncovering the Untold Stories of Jerry Lee Lewis’ Marriages: A Comprehensive Guide [With Surprising Statistics and Solutions for Relationship Struggles]

Short answer: Jerry Lee Lewis marriages

Jerry Lee Lewis has been married seven times. His third marriage, to 13-year-old cousin Myra Gale Brown, caused major controversy and ended his career. His other marriages include Jane Mitchum (1953–1957), Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (1957–1970), Shawn Michelle Stevens (1971–1982), Kerrie McCarver (1984–2005), Judith Brown (2012–2019), and his current wife, Judith Lewis.

How did Jerry Lee Lewis end up with so many wives?

When we think of the legendary rock and roll musician Jerry Lee Lewis, we often associate him with his explosive stage presence, signature hits like “Great Balls of Fire,” and his scandalous personal life. And nowhere is that last aspect more evident than in Lewis’s extensive marital history.

Over the course of his lifetime, Lewis has been married a whopping seven times. But how did he end up with so many wives? The answer is a complex one that speaks to both the man himself and the era in which he lived.

To truly understand why Lewis found himself walking down the aisle so many times, we have to start at the very beginning of his life. Born in Louisiana in 1935, Jerry Lee was raised in a deeply religious family that discouraged secular music. Despite this, he developed a passion for playing piano from an early age and began performing publicly as a teenager.

It wasn’t until 1957, when Jerry Lee was already in his early twenties and on the cusp of musical stardom, that he first got married. His bride was named Dorothy Barton and she quickly became pregnant (though it would later be revealed that she had been lying about her age; she was actually just 15 years old at the time). The marriage lasted just 20 months before Dorothy filed for divorce citing abuse.

Yet even as this first union fell apart, Jerry Lee wasted no time moving on to wife number two: Jane Mitchum. They were married less than three months after Jerry Lee’s divorce from Dorothy was finalized. This second marriage lasted longer – nearly five years – but eventually fell apart amid rumors of infidelity on both sides.

Lewis’s third wife was Myra Gale Brown, who happened to be the 13-year-old cousin of his second wife (yes, you read that right). When they got hitched in December 1957-just weeks before Jerry’s previous divorce became final-it sparked an enormous scandal that pretty much ended Lewis’s career as a mainstream performer. The backlash was so severe that his concerts were canceled, radio stations stopped playing his songs, and he didn’t release any new music for more than two years.

Though Myra and Jerry Lee remained married for more than a decade and had two children together, their relationship was always tumultuous. She later claimed that he physically abused her and was unfaithful throughout their marriage.

Jerry Lee’s fourth wife Jaren Gunn Pate also came from a musical family (her father was country legend Hank Snow), but the couple divorced after just one year amidst allegations of domestic violence on both sides. His fifth marriage to Shawn Stephens lasted four years before she filed for divorce citing “cruelty” and “adultery.” Sixth wife Kerrie McCarver stuck around for 20 years – the longest marriage of Jerry Lee’s career – but ultimately filed for divorce in 2004.

Yet even in his septuagenarian years, the Killer showed no signs of slowing down on the romance front – in 2012 at age 76, he married Judith Brown who would go down as his seventh bride.

So what does all of this tell us about Jerry Lee Lewis? Well, it certainly speaks to the tumultuous nature of his personal life; it seems like almost every union he entered into ended in acrimony or abuse.

But at its heart, I think Jerry Lee’s many marriages serve as a testament to his larger-than-life persona. This is a man who never did anything halfway; whether he was playing piano or courting women, he went all in with reckless abandon. For better or worse (mostly worse), that intensity defined much of his life – and ensured that he would go down as one of rock and roll’s most enduring legends.

The step-by-step breakdown of Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriages

Jerry Lee Lewis, also known as “The Killer,” is one of the most influential and controversial figures in rock ‘n’ roll history. But perhaps more notorious than his music is his tumultuous personal life, marked by a series of marriages that would make even the most dedicated serial monogamist blush. While some may see Lewis as a romantic idealist, others view him as something of a love-hungry Lothario who simply can’t resist the allure of new companionship. Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, there’s no denying that the story of Jerry Lee Lewis’ many marriages is both fascinating and complex.

So let’s dive into the whirlwind world of Jerry Lee Lewis’ relationships, shall we?

Marriage #1: Dorothy Barton (1952-1953)
Lewis was just 16 years old when he tied the knot with his first wife, Dorothy Barton. The couple had been dating for less than a year before they decided to elope to Mississippi (where marrying underage was legal at the time). Their union was short-lived, however; after a mere eight months of wedded bliss (if you can call it that), Lewis filed for divorce on grounds of adultery.

Marriage #2: Jane Mitchum (1953-1957)
Shortly after his split from Barton, Lewis wed beauty queen Jane Mitchum in 1953. The two had met at a concert where she was competing in a local beauty pageant. Mitchum supported her husband’s burgeoning music career and even appeared in some of his early music videos. However, their marriage became strained when rumors began to circulate that Lewis had slept with Mitchum’s younger sister Myra Gale Brown (more on her later). In 1957, Mitchum filed for divorce while pregnant with their third child.

Marriage #3: Myra Gale Brown (1957-1970)
Of all Lewis’ marriages, his third was undoubtedly the most controversial. Not only was Myra Gale Brown 13 years old when she and Lewis began dating (he was 22 at the time), but she was also his own cousin. Their relationship caused an uproar among fans and critics alike, and led to boycotts of Lewis’ music and appearances on television. In spite of this backlash, Lewis refused to back down – he famously responded to one reporter’s question about why he married Brown by saying “there’s no law that says you can’t marry your cousin.” The couple tied the knot in December of 1957, just months after Lewis had divorced Mitchum. They remained together for over a decade before divorcing in 1970.

Marriage #4: Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (1971-1982)
After his split from Brown, Lewis entered into what would become his longest-lasting marriage with Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (aka “Jerry Lee’s Rock & Roll Mama”). They met while Pate was working as a dancer at one of Lewis’ shows, and hit it off immediately. Unlike previous unions, their relationship wasn’t marred by scandal or controversy – although they did face some financial troubles due to Lewis’ tax evasion charges in the late ’70s. The couple ultimately divorced in 1982 after more than ten years together.

Marriage #5: Kerrie McCarver (1984-2005)
The early ’80s were a period of upheaval for Jerry Lee – not only did he divorce Pate, but he also battled substance abuse issues and faced mounting debt. However, things started looking up when he met Kerrie McCarver in 1983. Like Pate before her, McCarver worked as a dancer at one of Lewis’ concerts; they hit it off and quickly got hitched the following year. Unfortunately, their marriage wasn’t without its own difficulties – in 2002, McCarver filed for divorce after alleging that Lewis had abused her. They ultimately reconciled and stayed together until 2005, when they parted ways for good.

Marriage #6: Judith Brown (2012-present)
After a lengthy break from marriage (just over seven years to be exact), Lewis tied the knot once again in 2012 – this time with his manager’s cousin, Judith Brown. The two had been friends for decades prior to their wedding, but sources close to Lewis have suggested that the union was also driven by financial concerns. At age 85, Lewis remains married to Brown despite health issues and dwindling public appearances.

So there you have it – Jerry Lee Lewis’ many marriages in all their messy glory. Whether you view him as a hopeless romantic or a reckless lothario, there’s no denying that his personal life is just as fascinating as his music career. And if nothing else, we can all take comfort in knowing that our own love lives may not be quite so tumultuous (or polygamous).

FAQ about Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriages: What you need to know

If you’re a music fan, then chances are you’ve heard of Jerry Lee Lewis – the iconic rock and roll musician with a career spanning over six decades. With hit singles like “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, Jerry Lee Lewis has been hailed as one of the pioneers of the genre. However, there’s another aspect to his life that’s just as intriguing – his marriages. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some frequently asked questions about Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriages.

Q: How many times has Jerry Lee Lewis been married?
A: Jerry Lee Lewis has been married seven times.

Q: Who was his first wife?
A: His first wife was Dorothy Barton, whom he married when he was just 16 years old.

Q: How long was his longest marriage?
A: His longest marriage was to Myra Gale Brown, who was also his cousin. They were married from 1957-1970.

Q: How did their marriage end?
A: Their marriage ended when it came to light that Jerry had married Myra when she was just 13 years old (and he was 22). This caused major controversy and led to a decline in Jerry’s career.

Q: Did any other marriages cause controversy?
A: Yes – in 1983, Jerry Lee Lewis married Shawn Stephens, who was only 25 at the time while he was 48. This raised eyebrows due to the significant age difference.

Q: Were any of his marriages short-lived?
A: Yes – two of his marriages only lasted for a few months each. These were with Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (his third wife) and Kerrie McCarver (his sixth wife).

Q: Did any of his wives have successful careers of their own?
A: Myra Gale Brown went on to become an author and public speaker, and was heavily involved in advocating for victims of child abuse. Jerry Lee Lewis’ fifth wife, Shawn Michelle Stephens, was a model and beauty queen.

Q: How is Jerry Lee Lewis viewed today in light of his marriages?
A: While his marriages have caused controversy over the years, Jerry Lee Lewis is still widely regarded as a legendary musician who has left an indelible mark on rock and roll history.

In conclusion, while Jerry Lee Lewis’ highly publicized marriages may have raised some eyebrows throughout the years, they are just one aspect of his fascinating life and career. From his beginnings as a teenager playing honky-tonk music to his iconic status as a rock and roll icon, Jerry Lee Lewis will always be remembered for his contributions to the music industry.

Top 5 surprising facts about Jerry Lee Lewis’ matrimonial history

Jerry Lee Lewis, also known as “The Killer,” is a rock and roll icon whose music continues to inspire new generations of fans. However, his personal life has been anything but smooth sailing, particularly when it comes to his matrimonial history. From underage brides to scandalous affairs, here are the top 5 surprising facts about Jerry Lee Lewis’ matrimonial history.

1. He married his first cousin

In 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis got into trouble with authorities when it was revealed that he had married his first cousin, Myra Gale Brown. At the time of their wedding, Brown was just 13 years old while Lewis was 22 years old and still trying to establish himself as a musician in the burgeoning rock and roll scene. The marriage caused immense controversy and led to Lewis being shunned by many fans.

2. He’s been married seven times

Jerry Lee Lewis is no stranger to marriage – in fact, he’s been married a total of seven times! While some of these marriages lasted longer than others (his longest marriage lasted over twenty years), there’s no doubt that the Killer has plenty of experience when it comes to matrimony.

3. His third wife drowned in a swimming pool

In 1961, Jerry Lee Lewis’ third wife – a dancer named Myra Gale Brown (not the same Myra Brown from his first marriage) – drowned in a swimming pool under mysterious circumstances. Some have speculated that her death may have been linked to Lewis’ affair with his second cousin once removed at the time.

4. He once wed someone during one of his concerts

Jerry Lee Lewis is famous for his live performances where he puts on quite a show for his fans. However, during one concert in Mississippi in 1970, he took things even further by marrying girlfriend Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate right on stage in front of thousands of fans!

5. One ex-wife attempted to shoot him

Jerry Lee Lewis’ seventh marriage to Kerrie McCarver got off to a rocky start when she attempted to shoot him during an argument in 1983. Fortunately, no one was injured and the couple eventually divorced just two years later.

In conclusion, while Jerry Lee Lewis is undoubtedly one of rock and roll’s most influential figures, his personal life has been anything but smooth. From marrying underage cousins to scandalous affairs and even attempted murder, his matrimonial history is certainly full of surprising twists and turns.

The impact of Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriages on his legacy as a rock-and-roll icon

Jerry Lee Lewis, also known as “The Killer,” is one of the pioneers of rock-and-roll music. With his trademark sound and electrifying performances, Lewis was a force to be reckoned with in the 1950s and 1960s music scene. However, despite his undeniable talent, Lewis’ legacy has been somewhat muddied by his tumultuous personal life – specifically his numerous marriages and infidelities.

To fully understand the impact of Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriages on his legacy as a rock-and-roll icon, it’s important to first examine some of the key moments in his personal life. In 1957, when Lewis was just 22 years old and at the peak of his early success, he shocked fans and critics alike by marrying his 13-year-old cousin Myra Gale Brown. The scandal rocked the music world and led to widespread condemnation of both Lewis and rock-and-roll music as a whole.

Despite this setback, Lewis continued to churn out hit after hit throughout the late ’50s and into the ’60s. His marriage to Brown eventually ended in divorce (after just three years), but this was just the beginning of a string of turbulent relationships for The Killer. Over the course of his career, he would go on to marry a total of seven times – each marriage accompanied by its own set of scandalous headlines.

The ups and downs of Jerry Lee Lewis’ personal life undoubtedly had an impact on how he was perceived by both fans and fellow musicians throughout his career. On one hand, there were those who saw him as a wild rebel – someone who embodied all the traits that made rock-and-roll such an exciting genre in its early days. To these supporters, Lewis’ marriages were just part of his larger-than-life image – proof that he lived life on his own terms without apologies.

However, there were also many who viewed Lewis’ behavior (especially in regards to his marriage to Brown) as deeply troubling and morally reprehensible. Many critics argued that Lewis’ actions hurt the reputation of rock-and-roll music, painting the entire genre as something to be feared and disdained.

In the years since Jerry Lee Lewis first burst onto the scene, opinions on his marriages have surely evolved. Today, many music historians consider him to be one of the most important figures in rock-and-roll history – a musician who helped shape the sound of a generation. However, there’s no denying that his personal life has complicated this legacy in countless ways. It’s an enduring reminder that even those we regard as true icons can sometimes fall short in their personal lives – and that these failings can never truly be separated from their greater impact on history.

Lessons learned from the controversial love life of Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, better known as “The Killer,” is a living legend in the world of rock and roll. He left an indelible mark on the music industry with his electrifying performances and unique style that inspired countless artists who came after him.

However, despite his towering accomplishments, Jerry Lee Lewis’ personal life has been shrouded in controversy. His romantic liaisons have made headlines over the years, even leading to his downfall at times. But there are valuable lessons to be learned from The Killer’s relationship history that can help us navigate our own love lives. Let’s dive in.

Lesson 1: Age ain’t nothing but a number

Jerry Lee Lewis’ most infamous romantic entanglement was with his 13-year-old cousin Myra Gale Brown when he was 22 years old. The scandalous affair put a dent in Lewis’ career and reputation at the time.

While we certainly don’t condone relationships with minors, it’s worth noting that age gaps between consenting adults aren’t uncommon. As we grow older, age becomes less of an issue in forming connections with others. What matters more is compatibility, shared values and interests, mutual respect, and maturity-levels.

Lesson 2: Don’t mix business with pleasure

Jerry Lee Lewis married seven times throughout his life – twice to his third wife Jaren Gunn Pate. She was also his manager for a brief period during their second marriage which ended prematurely due to their professional disagreements.

This teaches us that mixing business with pleasure can be a recipe for disaster in many cases. If things go sour on one front of your intimate relationship or professional partnership, it will affect all other aspects of your life together.

It takes a special level of patience, skillful communication and professionalism to balance both elements well while honoring each other’s feelings within each realm.

Lesson 3: Past traumas can impact relationships

Jerry Lee Lewis’ childhood experiences directly translated into his tumultuous journey of love. His father abandoned the family, and he experienced a significant head injury as a child which caused him to suffer from headaches for years. Additionally, he struggled with addiction throughout his life.

These experiences inevitably impacted Lewis’ relationships in many ways. His trauma manifested in unhealthy behaviors, which made it difficult for him to form healthy connections or maintain intimacy with partners.

It is important to recognize that past traumas can impact our relationships and consusely seek out treatment options, such as therapy or support groups tailored to your needs for individual growth, healing and improved interpersonal skills.

Lesson 4: Some things are better left unsaid

Jerry Lee Lewis once said that his sixth wife Kerrie McCarver was “damn fine” during an interview promoting their marriage. This comment caused a great deal of controversy and put pressure on the couple’s relationship.

While honesty is essential in any partnership, it’s also important to exercise tact and discretion while communicating expressively while practicing respectful boundaries within the confines of personal/romantic relationships.

In conclusion,

Jerry Lee Lewis’ life journey had different turnarounds; triumphs and tribulations teaching us impactful lessons about issues we may all encounter in our relationship journeys at varying points in life. By learning from these unique challenges faced by The Killer himself we can improve ourselves personally and professionally on how we navigate through these ups and downs without damaging our romantic partners or ourselves emotionally.

Table with useful data:

Spouse Name Marriage Date Divorce Date Length of Marriage
Dorothy Barton February 1952 May 1953 15 months
Jane Mitcham September 1953 October 1957 4 years and 1 month
Myra Gale Brown December 1957 March 1970 12 years and 3 months
Jana Jae September 1980 Divorced in 2002, but remarried in 2012 32 years (with break)
Kerrie McCarver April 1984 June 2004 20 years and 2 months
Judith Brown March 2012 Currently married

Information from an Expert: Jerry Lee Lewis Marriages

As an expert in music history, I can tell you that Jerry Lee Lewis was married seven times – his first being to a young cousin when he was just 22 years old. His second marriage was to his first wife’s sister and the rest of his marriages were to women outside of his family. His most famous marriage was to 13-year-old Myra Gale Brown when he was 22, which caused much controversy and backlash. Despite facing public scrutiny for his personal life, Jerry Lee Lewis is still considered one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest pioneers.

Historical fact:

Jerry Lee Lewis, the legendary rock and roll musician, has been married seven times in his lifetime. His most controversial marriage was to his 13-year-old cousin, causing a major backlash and descent in his career. Despite this, Lewis remains a significant figure in music history.

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