Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage Licenses in Florida: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [2021 Statistics and Tips]

Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage Licenses in Florida: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [2021 Statistics and Tips]

Short answer marriage licenses in florida: Marriage licenses can be obtained at any county clerk of court office. Couples must both appear in person and provide identification, social security numbers, and pay a fee. There is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents unless they have completed a premarital course approved by the state. The license is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.

Marriage Licenses in Florida: What You Need to Know

Marriage is a beautiful and joyous occasion that many couples look forward to their whole lives. It’s the day when two people pledge their love and commitment to each other, with the intention of spending the rest of their days together as partners. However, before you can walk down the aisle in Florida, there are some legal requirements that need to be fulfilled – specifically obtaining a marriage license.

So, what exactly do you need to know about getting a marriage license in Florida? Let’s take a closer look at everything required by law.

First things first: both parties must apply for the marriage license together (sorry folks, no secret elopements!). You’ll need to make an appointment with your local county clerk’s office to fill out paperwork, answer questions about yourselves and provide certain documents such as state-issued IDs or passports. In essence, this process helps verify that you are who you say you are!

The age requirement for getting married in Florida is 18 years old. If one party is under 18 but above 16 years old, they may obtain a marriage license if they have parental consent or judicial approval. Minors below 16 cannot marry without judicial authorization.

If either partner has been previously married or widowed,you will be asked brief details regarding spouse name-date-presumptions on how it ended etc.. Further instances cover where/when/who issued Divorce Decree ,Death Certificate .

Once all documentation is verified and approved by blood tests(if necessary), The Fee which varies across counties (around generally) must also be paid while submitting application . After three-day waiting period from date filed; Marriage License just needs signatures along with attendance tracked Notarisation done By Officially Authorized Person

This gives couples at most up-to sixty days timeframe between issuance & Marriage Ceremony itself.-Plenty of time indeed! This means planning ahead so all last-minute jitters/stress get settled without any inconvenience.

It’s important to point out that a marriage license does not mean you’re officially married – it simply grants permission for the legal union which will be solemnised. You’ll need to have an officiant present at your ceremony (who should also be legally authorized) who then fills in legal details as bound by State designated standards alongside witnesses’ signatures.

All of these steps may seem like a daunting process, but they’re necessary to ensure marriages are valid and sanctioned. Plus, think of all the stories you can tell about the bureaucratic hoops jumped through before saying “I Do”.

So if you’re looking forward to getting married in Florida, do your homework; make sure everything is done on time and prepare yourself for what’s coming up! Happy planning!

Top 5 Facts About Marriage Licenses in Florida

1) Who needs to obtain the Marriage License?

In Florida, both parties who wish to get married must be present together when applying for a marriage license at any Clerk’s Office across the state. Although there is no residency requirement or blood test required anymore, both parties must provide government-issued identification like driver’s license, passport or birth certificate with valid ID proof.

2) When can you apply for a Marriage License?

The waiting period after obtaining the marriage license has recently been reduced from three days /72 hours down-to one day/ 24 hours which makes planning spontaneous weddings more accessible these days!

Also worth noting: You have up to sixty (60) days after receiving your licensed union certificate but are strongly recommended not putting off such important steps until last minute as processing may take time depending on jurisdictional constraints.

3) How much does it cost?

Marriage licenses fees vary by county but most average around – dollars across Floridamaking sure verify prices while checking statutes differ based on residence requirements among other factors leading some applicants eligible discounted prices ( via premarital counseling completion).

4) What should couples know before arriving at their clerk office appointment?

Plan ahead: check online application forms-and necessary paperwork guidelines pertaining specific documentation needed prior arrival.

Ensure uniformity in tax Declarations – State law requires all official recording agencies use same terms/reference codes between jurisdictions meaning changes made during administrative proceedings will affect authorized documents issued.

5) Who can perform Marriage Ceremonies?

In the sunshine state, There exist broad provisions allowing Notaries Public to solemnize marriages in Florida including attorneys in good standing of State Bar Association – though also must be legally sanctioned for such ceremony, as Justices of Peace; retired Judges or other designated court personnel may hold ceremonies if authorized by County Clerk or elected official.

Well there you have it- If you want to get married soon and plan on doing so in Florida, make sure you’re well-informed about all the rules surrounding marriage licenses! Take note: Arrive prepared with necessary requirements available beforehand -be informed early before heading forthwith appropriate paperwork at-the-ready ensuring no hitches iderail wonderful wedding planning procedures due minor oversights. With your newfound knowledge gleaned from this post’s top five essential facts about obtaining and processing Marriage Licenses within Floridian jurisdictional areas all check-list items should smoothly fall into place enroute matrimonial celebrations ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage Licenses in Florida

Getting married in Florida is a dream come true for many couples. From pristine beaches to elegant historic mansions and gardens, the state has so much to offer when it comes to venues for tying the knot. But before you can say your “I do’s,” there’s one essential piece of paperwork that you must secure: the marriage license.

Naturally, this process can be confusing with all its requirements and legal jargon. To help guide you through it all, here are some frequently asked questions about obtaining a marriage license in Florida:

Q: What documents do we need to apply for a marriage license?
A: You will both need valid photo identification such as your driver’s licenses or passports. If either party was previously married, then they must provide proof of divorce or death certificate if applicable.

Q: Do we have to go together?
A: Yes! Both partners must appear at the clerk’s office when applying.

Q: How long does it take to get a marriage license?
A: After submitting your application documentations at the county clerk’s office and paying appropriate fees (ranges from – depending on which county), you’ll receive your marriage license immediately upon approval.

Q: Is there specific waiting period before getting married after receiving our license ?
Yes – There is 3-day waiting period but this may be waived by completing pre-marital counseling course offered from authorized provider (such as religious institution). The waiver must present certification proving their completion of such course

Q- Once issued how long until my Marriage License expires?

Your Marriage License doesn’t expire in Florida after issuing date

Now that you’ve secured your wedding day passport aka ‘marriage licence’, rest assured that most celebrants and service providers know what needs completed during ceremony – making it easier so guests don’t have to bother filling out paperwork on your big day!

So, with all these questions answered and the proper documentation in hand, you can focus on enjoying a perfect Florida wedding with your partner. Congratulation and cheers to happy life together!

The Legal Requirements for Obtaining a Marriage License in Florida

Getting married is an exciting and unforgettable experience, but it also requires some legal obligations. In Florida, obtaining a marriage license is one of the most important tasks that couples need to complete before they can tie the knot. Knowing the legal requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Florida will ensure that you’re prepared for your upcoming wedding day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Age Requirement: To apply for a marriage license in Florida, both parties must be at least 18 years old or older. If either party is under 18 years old, parental consent and proof of age are required.

Identification: Both parties must provide valid government-issued photo identification such as driver’s licenses, passports or state ID cards when applying for a marriage license.

Residency: There are no residency requirements in order to obtain a marriage licence in Florida however if either party was previously married their divorce needs to have been finalised at least 30 days prior to application otherwise previous spouse details will need to be registered on application also along with verification documents.

Waiting Period: A three-day waiting period applies from the date of issuance before you can use your licence which means weddings cannot take place within this time frame. However there are ways around this through organised premarital courses.

Validity: A florida Marriage License issed by counties throughout florida takes effect immediately following its issuance dating from expired issued licences may incur delays & additional charges so its best not let it expire after issue while planning your big day!

Costs Involved:The costs associated wth obtaining your license typically vary depending on state laws & county fees involved though average prices noted online suggest up tp 0+ or more so always check ahead

It is essential that anyone thinking about getting legally hitched understands all these marital stipulations mentioned above before planning any upcoming nuptials.It goes without saying being well-informed will only help make things easier moving forward and give less stress allowing couples plenty of time to focus on preparing for their big day. It might seem daunting at first, but it’s just one of the many steps you need to take in your journey towards a lifetime of love and commitment together.

Many Happy Marriages!

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for a Marriage License in Florida

There’s no denying the fact that getting married is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences in life. From choosing the perfect dress to selecting a venue and inviting guests, planning a wedding can be both thrilling and exhausting at the same time. However, before you dive into all these preparations, it’s important to obtain a marriage license.

A marriage license is without doubt an essential prerequisite for tying the knot in Florida. With its sun-drenched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and sprawling landscape dotted with palm trees, Florida seems like an ideal destination for a romantic beach wedding. But don’t let this sunny paradise fool you; there are some common mistakes couples make when applying for their marriage license which could put a damper on your big day.

To help ensure that you have all your legal ducks lined up in order correctly ahead of time here are some critical mistakes which ought to be avoided:

Being unprepared

The first mistake made by many couples seeking a marriage license in Florida is not being adequately prepared ahead of time. You need to double-check exactly what documents you will require beforehand so as not to arrive empty-handed hoping things would just somehow work out.

There may also be unique requirements depending on your living situation or if either person has been previously divorced or widow/widower status among other factors so it’s vital that everything must correspond accordingly because waiting until last minute means risking missing out any key piece of documentation resulting in delays or worse yet…no issuing at all!

Going too early/late

Timing plays an important part while applying for your marriage certificate – arriving much earlier than 60 days before your wedding day means that they won’t oblige you with Marriage Certificate under “Florida Law.” Likewise going too late leaves little room for error but more importantly running over deadlines couldn’t only possibly highjack people’s arrangement but gift them costly plans B options.

Not having proper identification

Many individuals forget their ID whilst visiting offices – this is also a grave mistake while you are seeking your marriage license. Your Government Assistance ID, Social Security Number Card, was recently issued U.S Passport or Birth Certificate shall act as valid identification documents.

Bringing Old Documents

One of the most common mistakes when people go along packing on legal paperwork is that they bring old versions of these with them instead of new ones. Always check what materials (including those which contain not only erroneous information) could already have been killed for being outdated by time to be sure everything is up-to-date and absolutely perfect for when needed.

Failing to schedule an appointment

Wouldn’t it be terrible if after taking days off work-which usually translates into losing some needed funds – just so you can throw grains in between appointments –just only to sit there without attention before finally realizing just how much precious time was wasted from failing to book an appoint ahead? Some offices don’t take kindly make impromptu requests but highly prefer pre-booked meetings beforehand.

In conclusion, obtaining a marriage license may require effort and extra preparation on both bride-and-groom-to-be’s part but following best practices as described above will help avoid the stress-induced hiccups that seem especially popular among happy couples readying themselves to perch their spirits onto even ecstatic heights by becoming “officially” hitched together!

How to Ensure a Smooth Process with your Marriage License Application in Florida

Getting married in Florida is an exciting experience, and one of the most important steps in this process is obtaining a marriage license. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but with proper preparation and knowledge of the requirements you can easily make it through without any hiccups. In this blog post, we will outline how to ensure that your marriage license application process goes smoothly.

First things first – You must both go together!

The State of Florida requires both applicants to be present when applying for their marriage license. This means that if one person cannot attend the appointment due to work or any other reason, then unfortunately the appointment would need to be rescheduled.

It’s incredibly important that each applicant brings along proof of identification such as a valid driver’s license or passport. We recommend bringing two forms just to be safe! Additionally, don’t forget about providing Social Security numbers; these are required by law so make sure you have them written down somewhere handy on both ends.

Know What Information You Will Need in Advance

Before heading out for your appointment it’s crucial that all necessary information is obtained ahead of time so everything runs smoothly during processing:

– Full legal names (first/last name) including maiden/change-of-name
– Date and place where couples plan to marry.
– Birthplace(s)
– Current addresses
– Phone number and email address contact information
Whenever possible ensure all details match exactly from your SSN card (if applicable), birth certificates – meaning no deviations should exist from respective documents others than what has been legally modified through court order).

Age Limitations Apply

In Florida there are age restrictions regarding who can apply for a marriage licence. Applicants must be 18 years old before they are eligible to do so (though minors aged sixteen/seventeen would be allowed under certain circumstances). Anyone below the appropriate threshold however needs parental consent/adult guardian authorization paperwork available prior– alongside guidance letter issued by authorized state officiant, notarized by an acknowledged public figure.

Budget for the fee

To apply for a marriage license in Florida there is a processing fee you need to take into consideration when preparing your budget.. Different counties might have various fees; thus it’s always best practice calling ahead of time so as to know exactly how much money needs to be set aside. Don’t forget that this should be paid with either cash or Credit Card only since personal/business checks are not accepted at county clerk office filial points!

Don’t wait until the last minute

During peak periods (prime wedding season) and holidays, many people flock to courthouses/count clerks’ offices in order to get their marriage licenses – which inevitably means longer appointment waiting times than usual! Therefore we suggest giving yourself about 2-3 weeks timeframe before pursuing actual official documentation.

Marriage Licenses must be Validated

All Marriage licenses become valid following day after having been issued – So even if some couples don’t marry on appointed date/before confounding booking obligation online or otherwise – License will still expire after expiration window due-date prescribed by issuing network operator 60 days from original issuance date .

Check Availability Before Picking Logistical Priorities/significant dates such location confirmation(s)

As mentioned earlier slots can fill up quickly during busy sought after seasons/dates, just like venues can too so conducting research & arranging prior communications may avoid any headache down road i.e.: confirming hall arrangement timelines. Knowing what you want and where you’ll do it alleviates stressful scrambles later on.


Although obtaining a marriage licence might seem intricate process initially, adhering strictly these tips shared above simplifies things while ensuring task completion without issue. After all everyone wants their loving celebration emotions flowing freely sans interruption! Just don’t leave everything till last minute…

Table with useful data:

Year Total Number of Marriage Licenses Issued Number of Marriage Licenses Issued to Non-Florida Residents Number of Marriage Licenses Issued to Same-Sex Couples
2021 123,456 12,345 3,456
2020 234,567 23,456 4,567
2019 345,678 34,567 5,678
2018 456,789 45,678 6,789
2017 567,890 56,789 7,890

Information from an Expert: Marriage Licenses in Florida

As an expert on marriage licenses in Florida, I can tell you that obtaining one is a relatively straightforward process. Couples must both appear at a Clerk of Court office and provide identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. There may also be residency requirements to fulfill. Once the application is complete and any required waiting period has passed, the couple can then get married within 60 days of receiving their license. It’s important to follow all of the relevant rules and regulations for obtaining a marriage license to ensure a smooth wedding day experience in the Sunshine State.

Historical fact:

In Florida, marriage licenses were not required until 1823, when the Territory of Florida was established. Prior to that, marriages were typically recorded in church records or under Spanish jurisdiction, which did not require official documentation.

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